Lease agreements are often voluminous and tedious to review.  But without careful evaluation leases can be one-sided, and important legal provisions can be omitted. 

The FWW real estate team has extensive experience representing landlords, tenants, and secured lenders in evaluating, negotiating, and drafting leases. 

We understand the strengths and weaknesses of landlords and tenants, and we frequently represent one side or the other. Being farmiliar with both sides allows us to negotiate optimal lease terms, and swiftly resolve resolution issues that may arise.

Our lawyers have abundant experience with the following:
  • Office leases
  • Retail leases
  • Industrial leases
  • ATM site licenses
  • Subleases
  • Ground leases 
  • Creative spaces
  • Estoppel and subordination agreements

I believe in being nice, responsive, and reasonable to work with. I think this helps get things done because I respect people and don’t feel the need to be aggressive. –‚Äč FWW Attorney Marisol McAllister