Development & Construction

Even small property development and construction projects involve a large volume of laws and regulations.  

Property development and construction laws can be complex and vary from one area to another.
You want to hire an attorney who understands the laws and regulations in your area to avoid costly legal issues down the road.

FWW is experienced in providing legal counsel for matters related to real estate development and construction. Whether the property is commercial, industrial, or residential.
We represent many contractors in all phases of development and construction work, from preparing and negotiating the construction agreements to preparing lien notices and claims of liens. 

If other collection efforts fail, we initiate and prosecute construction lien foreclosure actions. 
Our real estate attorneys have worked with developers, contractors, subcontractors, and lenders in a wide range of new construction and renovation projects, including condominiums, multi-family apartment buildings, and bank and credit union branches. 

Marisol McAllister is on the Oregon Real Estate Agency's approved list of condominium lawyers, and has completed development, formation, and conversion of condominiums in Oregon and Washington.