Estate & Trust Disputes

Ensuring the proper distribution of an estate can be complex and time-consuming.  Disagreements can ensue concerning the intentions of the deceased, which adds stress to an already difficult and emotional process. 
Most estates are settled without controversy, but estate and trust disputes can escalate into bitter legal battles.
When there are disputes concerning estate or trust administration, either during lifetime incapacity or after death, we are prepared to assist you in resolving them.

Whether the issue involves a will contest, distribution issue, asset valuation, disputed inheritance, elder abuse, undue influence, or breach of duty by a fiduciary, we will effectively represent you to reach an efficient resolution keeping the process as amicable as possible.
I find that disputes over a loved one's end-of-life or post-death wishes can be highly emotional and almost always involve significant finanical stakes.  I try to take swift action in such cases and to counsel my clients not only with compassion, but with pragmatism to achieve a favorable resolution. – FWW Attorney Melissa Chapman