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FWW Alert - SBA and Treasury Provide Safe Harbor on Good Faith Certification for PPP Loans


On May 13th, the SBA and Treasury released a new FAQ #46 on PPP loans that will provide significant comfort to borrowers of smaller loans. READ MORE

FWW Alert: Manuals - 10 Helpful Hints


Most organizations use policy or instruction manuals either that have been developed internally or that have come from third-party sources. Such manuals should be prepared and reviewed carefully. READ MORE

Lender's Ability to Secure Property Before Foreclosure


Real estate lenders may face liability for acting to "secure" a property before a foreclosure sale under a recent Washington Supreme Court decision. READ MORE

Flipping an Oregon Multi-Family Project: Risky Business


Marisol McAllister wrote an article for ABR Winkler Real Estate Services, Flipping an Oregon Multi-Family Project: Risky Business. READ MORE

Real Estate Investing - Buyer's Perspective


There are many attractive opportunities for investment in real estate, particularly triple net properties. There are also several complexities to such investments, and an informed buyer can minimize risk by being prepared. READ MORE

Tenant Issues in Commercial Leases


When a person or a business finds the ideal commercial space, the next step is lease negotiation. The commercial lease is far different from the more familiar residential lease or rental agreement. READ MORE