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Employment Alert - Court Prohibits Use of Prior Salary to Justify Unequal Pay


Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed itself and ruled that an employee's prior salary does not constitute a "factor other than sex" which can support a pay differential between a male and female employee performing comparable jobs. READ MORE

Employment Alert - Oregon and Washington Legislative Update


2018 is rolling forward quickly and both Oregon and Washington employers need to take steps to comply with new state employment laws. READ MORE

FWW Litigation Practice Group - Tips for Businesses


Being on the receiving end of a lawsuit can be stressful --- whether or not you've seen it coming. Here are some helpful tips from our litigation team. READ MORE

Nursing Mother Rule Is a Smart Retention Tool


How many of your employees are women? How many are mothers— or could be someday? Chances are, it's a sizeable number. In 2009, 71.4% of women with children were in the work force according to the DOL. READ MORE